Achieve Academic Excellence with Victoria World Academy (VWA) for GCE O-Level

Are you an international student looking to pursue academic excellence and unlock your potential? Look no further than Victoria World Academy (VWA), your trusted education provider for GCE O-Level. At VWA, we understand the importance of a strong educational foundation and the recognition that comes with GCE O-Level qualifications. Let us guide you on your journey towards success.

What is GCE O-Level?

What is GCE O-Level? The Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level examination is a prestigious subject-based qualification that holds immense value worldwide. It serves as a benchmark for academic assessment in Singapore, ensuring that students are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of various subjects. GCE O-Level qualifications are recognized internationally, opening doors to higher education opportunities and enhancing your university applications.

At VWA, we offer a specialized Preparatory Course for GCE O-Level designed to prepare students like you for the challenges of the O-Level examinations. Our program aims to provide you with the knowledge and skillset necessary to excel academically and pursue your GCE A-Level studies, setting you on the path to success in your university journey.

Why Choose VWA for Your GCE O-Level Preparation?

1.Experience and History

Victoria World Academy Singapore has a rich history spanning over 20 years. Formerly known as the Orient Language School, we have evolved into a leading international institution offering comprehensive educational programs. Our experience and expertise make us a reliable and experienced education provider for students from all backgrounds.

2.Accreditation and Achievements

As an education provider, VWA adheres to the statutory requirements of the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) of the Committee for Private Education. We hold an Edutrust Provisional certification from CPE, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality educational services. Our achievements and accreditations reflect our dedication to maintaining high standards in all areas of academic services and management.

3.Supportive Learning Environment

At VWA, we understand that every student has unique needs and learning styles. We take pride in our supportive learning environment, where we implement a differentiated teaching approach to cater to individual requirements. Our experienced educators closely monitor your progress and provide regular updates to your parents or guardians. You can trust us to provide the necessary support and guidance throughout your academic journey.


When it comes to GCE O-Level preparation, Victoria World Academy (VWA) is your trusted education provider. With our extensive experience, accreditation, supportive learning environment, and holistic approach to education, we are committed to helping you achieve academic excellence and unlock your potential. If you have questions about what is GCE O-Level, join our diverse community of students and embark on a rewarding educational journey with VWA. Your success starts here.